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Fully Customizable.

Multiple machines can be installed side by side to dispense different size or types of pallets on the same conveyor. It can be programed to work with any type of automated system.

Easy to Install.

The Spenser is designed to dispense pallets onto new or existing conveyers, Auto Guided Vehicles, or floor dispensers.  Ideal for automated environments usually involving a robot palletizing product.

Product Detail
  • Four screws turn until a pallet drops out of the dispenser

  • Spenser never moves up making it the safest dispenser on the market

  • Can re-orient dispenser if your system changes

  • Fast dispense time- Can dispense a pallet every 5 seconds

  • Our “ONE” and only motor used to dispense a pallet is only a 1/4 HP!

Patented Design.

The Spenser pallet dispenser requires no pallet lift mechanism. Instead we use 4 synchronized auger screws to dispense the pallet. This reduces downtown and increases efficiency. The Spenser is very low maintenance with just a few mechanical parts.

Unique Locations.

Our machines require no hydraulics or pneumatics, which is safer in food packaging. We have machines operating in -20 Degree environment for over 2 years with no mechanical failure.

Product Literature


Spenser Pallet Dispenser


Spenser Floor Model

Spenser Owners Manual

Spenser Control Manual

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